<:Translation:> tags in #SET{}

Hi All,

I'm running a multilingual site and use SPIP's syntax for translating
website aspects at the squelettes level.

For example using the <:somestring:> tag that I have defined as "Test
String" in the local_en.php file.

'somestring' => 'Test String',

The <:somestring:> tag works well at the squelettes level, but I can't
get it to work in conjunction with the #SET tag.

Both these don't work:
#SET{1title, "<:somestring:>"}
#SET{1title, <:somestring:>}

In the site it simply shows up as
Test String"}

...and the variable is not set.
Is there a workaround?


spip rocks :slight_smile:

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Excellent Serge,
works splendid!


Maybe you can also use the function _T() defined in ecrire/inc/utils.php

You should try (for <:somestring:>)