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SPIP Welcome Charter

Tuesday 9 August 2022 , by chankalan ,

Table of contents

  • What is SPIP?
  • The community
  • Goals and values
  • Cooperative functioning and conflict management
  • Copyright

What is SPIP?|Back to the table of contents

SPIP is a free software that allows you to create websites. It is licensed
under the GNU GPL3 (https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html) license.
SPIP is developed and maintained by its community, with tenderness.

The community|Back to the table of contents

The SPIP community is an informal collective, made up of people who
contribute to the project in the broadest sense of the term, such as, but
not limited to, software, plugins, translations, graphic productions,
exchanges in the various areas of the galaxy, or the running of the group.
Independent of any association, foundation or company, the SPIP community
is organised around the mutualisation of all these contributions.

The official sites maintained by the community are called the « SPIP
galaxy ». These may be documentation sites, email discussion lists, forums,
source code tools, etc. These sites are listed in a common banner at the
top of each site, as well as in the compass site https://boussole.spip.net/

The group of people who maintain and make decisions about the core of the
SPIP software, as well as the plugins and templates that are provided by
default, is called the « core team ». New people are integrated by
co-optation over time. A list of this team can be found on our ticket tool
(https://git.spip.net/spip). This team can be reached to report a safety
issue at spip-team@rezo.net.

Anyone who is registered on a galaxy site or SPIP mailing list is
considered a participant in the community. They can find help, answers to
their questions and can provide help to other users. They can also
participate in maintaining and developing SPIP, one of the sites in their
galaxy, or one of its plugins.

Goals and values|Back to the table of contents

Remember that SPIP is free software, and anyone can use and modify it at
their convenience. However, any participation must respect the aims and
values promoted by the initial project of the minirézo
(http://www.uzine.net/article60.html), and in particular:

This implies, among other things, an effort to internationalise its
contributions, to ensure that the language, behaviour and functioning
chosen are open and welcoming, empathetic, non-sexist, non-racist and that
priority is given to associative and collective needs over market needs.

To follow these ideas and make the project part of a larger movement, the
SPIP community is in line with the Contributor Covenant code of conduct:

Cooperative functioning and conflict management[|Back to the table of


This code of conduct (Contributor Covenant) sets out principles to prevent
and help resolve communication problems that may arise between different
members of the community.

Nevertheless, in the event of an inter-personal conflict, an arbitration
committee may be set up on a case-by-case basis, which decides in all
conscience on the basis of the criteria defined above, and has full

Copyright|Back to the table of contents

In accordance with French law, any shared contribution in the community, of
whatever nature, remains as such the property of the person who conceived
it, but is part of the « collective work » that is the SPIP project.

All contributions hosted by the community are « free » in the sense of GNU
(licenses GPL (https://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html), LGPL
(https://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html), FDL
(https://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) without invariant sections, Art
Libre (http://artlibre.org/),Creative Commons
in order to be integrated into the global SPIP project. In particular, if
the contribution concerns the adaptation of an earlier work, it is
necessary to ensure that the conditions of licence of the said work are

… Welcome to SPIP!

— Sent by SPIP (https://www.spip.net/)