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jeudi 30 mars 2023 , par jack

This constant allows the use of plugins that have not yet been declared
compatible with the version of SPIP used. This allows them to be tested,
used or debugged if necessary.

For example, when SPIP 4.0 is released, it can be defined as such in the
mes_options.php file, in order to be able to use plugins that are not
declared compatible with SPIP 4.0 but are declared compatible with SPIP

define('_DEV_VERSION_SPIP_COMPAT', '3.2.0');

Rq : when you change this constant, it immediately becomes possible to
activate plugins already installed, but the local cache of plugin
repositories is not updated with the new possibilities, and the search
among plugins cannot provide the plug-ins that the new compatibility
constant has made accessible. So you have to delete the declared
repositories [1] , and then reinstall them, so that the search returns the
full set of results now possible.

See also other constants :

[1] Or do a var_mode=vider_paquets_locaux, see The template debugging

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