Plugins inactive after updating to SPIP 3.2.19

Dear All,

After I’ve updated one of my pages to SPIP 3.2.19 all my plugins were disabled. Now I can’t enable them anymore as the message below appears when I try to enable them.

Has anyone an idea how to enable the plugins again or what else I could do here?
Many thanks!

First find out why this is happening :

Hi JLuc,
Thanks for your answer!

I found this error in the log file:
Pri:ERREUR: signature ajax form incorrecte : admin_plugin (formulaire signe mais ne correspond pas a la session)

On the page itself I have the following error:
Erreur 404
Il n’y a pas d’article à cette adresse

Thanks a lot!!

It might be that some files dont match the current spip version, or have not been updated…
How did you update spip ?
You could try reinstall spip using spip_loader or spip_loader_installer spip_loader facile - #14 par JLuc

When this doesnt help, i’m afraid i wont be able to help any further. You might find some better understanding on irc.