Order in a boucle from an external data source

Dear all,

I am trying to have a specific order in a boucle from an external data source.

If I put it as shown in the boucle below, it sorts it by the ID of the auteurs instead of the order 12,5,18,3.

<BOUCLE_A(DATA){source table,#GET{feed}}{type IN Names}{id_auteur IN 12,5,18,3}{tous}>

How do I enforce the order shown above?
Thanks you!


Strange : what you describe is opposite to what is described here : Avec un critère {id_patate IN ...}, le compilateur ajoute un ORDER BY FIELD(id_patate,...) à la requête, du coup les résultats sont triés dans l’ordre du IN : joie..
Maybe it’s different because it’s a DATA boucle ?

Anyway, so as to force the order, look at {par ordre_liste field, values...}

Thank you JLuc.

Yes it seems to be different with DATA boucles for me also.

In this case, using ordre_liste, I think it would translate to this syntax:

{par_ordre_liste id_auteur, #LISTE{12,5,18,3}}

to get the desired result.

Thank you JLuc and Urs Riggenbach!