Notifications: Add custom notification

I would like to add a custom notification to all users when a certain forum receives posts.

It seems with the notification database structure, it is not possible to subscribe all/multiple users to a thread. Right? Only users who have posted in the forum are subscribed.

I would like to add a custom notification, for example if a forum post is made in a certain Forum ID.

Am I right to expand on this function and add more users to it?

Or is there a more elegant way, perhaps a pipeline I could define (how?)?

Thank you.

When it comes to notification, what do you mean by that? I assume you wanna send users (subscribers) an alert about new posts/threads in the forum, right?.

You can use the pipeline notifications_destinataires for that notifications/forumposte.php at 03937bcab9e9b626dbd1e359215428247fa76838 - notifications - SPIP on GIT :slight_smile:

Yes, exactly. But for certain forums, the whole subscriber base will need to be notified.

Ok perfect, yes this should work. I can add a new pipeline function to expand the destination emails.
Thank you!

U’re welcome :slight_smile: