update spip 4.1.5 templates

Hi all,
I just updated locally a Spip website from 3.2.4 to 4.1.5.
Besides changing ‘BOUCLE-‘ to ‘BOUCLE_’ and changing the pagination, I have a big problem: the templates do not work anymore. All articles and rubriques are redirected to the standard article.html and rubrique.html in the squelletes(!) folder. I can’t find why the other templates are not 'found’ anymore. I make use of a lot article-15.html, rubrique=149, etc.etc.
Anyone an idea what is going wrong?

with regards,

You need to use the plugin « Squelettes par rubriques » which has been extracted from SPIP Core to an external plugin : https://plugins.spip.net/squelettes_par_rubrique.html

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You need the plugin https://plugins.spip.net/squelettes_par_rubrique.html
It is no more in plugins-dist.

You can install it with SVP by adding this repo : « https://files.spip.org/core/archives.xml » (cf https://plugins.spip.net/spip.php?page=depots).


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You’ve got to use « Compositions » to replace your rubrique-specific and article-specific templates …


That’s the new way to do it :slight_smile:

thanks all! lifesaver.
I downloaded the plugin and it works again. With about 50 different templates this was a very important fix.
Spip rocks!

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