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The article « |extraire_date
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for publication. on Thursday 1 September 2022.


Thursday 1 September 2022 , by jack

The filter code>|extraire_date extracts the first date
encountered in the tag to which it applies.

The filter |extraire_date extracts a date from any tag containing a
date in the form YYYY-MM or YYYY-MM-DD. If your tag contains several dates
in one of these forms the filter will only extract the first date

An example:
In your #DESCRIPTIF, you have

«In 2012-03, various discussions have been launched on the future of the
squirrel and its post-winter exit".

With [(#DESCRIPTIF|extraire_date)], SPIP will display «2012-03-01».
The filter will add « -01 » to the date to be in YYYY-MM-DD format.

Warning: if your #DESCRIPTIF contains a date in the form YYYY-MM-DD
as in:

«On 2012-03-25, a great discussion came to a climax following an
insignificant but pertinent remark,»

the filter will replace « 25 » with « 01 » and display « 2012-03-01 ».

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